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slim_ivory_rose's Journal

16 August 1982
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Hello! Sorry, I'm not accepting new friends at this time.

Before you read all the 'me me me' jargon below, I'll spare you from it and say I can't accept any new friends right now. I'm just at my limit for being able to keep up with friends' journals. However, since people come in and out of LJ all the time, if you're so inclined drop me a message and I'll be sure to add you, if my friends' list dwindles or I find myself with more online time.

I could type out a list of interests and hobbies here but many of my close friends that I connect with, laugh with, well we don’t have anything in common ‘on paper’ at all. Besides, a person is more than their list.

My journal is mainly personal. My thoughts, feelings, daily life and the occasional rant/venting. I use it primarily to make friends. Sex drugs and rave music? Sadly less of that at the moment, but snippets here and there! If you are interested I would be delighted to friend you, only please don't add me unless you intend to read and comment at least some of my entries. I will read and comment on yours. I prefer interaction, I would like to get to know you, which cannot be done if we never speak to one another.

Open mindedness and tolerance are all I require in a friend.
(So it doesn’t matter to me what your sexual orientation is, if you are meat eater or vegan, kinky or prudish, atheist or religious, child free or proud parent, where you are on the political spectrum or indeed if you don’t care about politics, party animal or slippers’ wearing hot chocolate drinker).

Grammar nazis I find a little unkind and wish there was an alternative band of 'oh my goodness if you don't know your times tables or can't do long division get out'. Except that's equally mean spirited.

As for me? I'm 27 but live the life of a 21 year old.
There's more here but you'll have to be my friend to find out! ;)

Blessed Be!

Please please please don't add me if your journal is full of spoilers :)

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My Amazon wishlist, all the cool kids seem to be putting this on their profile although I couldn't get the cool button html thing on here. (I'm only 25% cool) I think its great to see what sort of books people are into, I hope no one sees this as anything other than a curiosity thing.. and great advertising for Amazon! Little scamps!

Did I mention how much I love learning about other countries, their differing customs, cultures, religious practises and political systems? I am lucky to have friends from all over the world.
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